How Anti-Scaling Water Systems are helping Australian Businesses 

16 June 2022

A pressing issue many businesses in Australia are currently facing is the negative consequences of having a hard water supply, in particular the excessive build-up of limescale. Businesses across a wide range of industries including hospitality, industrial, and agriculture are all facing increasing difficulties associated with hard water or bore water.

Due to its high volume of minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium, hard water can cause blockages to form in plumbing, machinery, and other equipment. Hard Water can also be quite corrosive in comparison to soft water which can cause rust and other damage. 

However, there is a solution to this, by installing a water de-scaler businesses can turn their hard water into soft water-reducing business concerns. Reactive Water can provide safer, cleaner water by reducing the size of minerals in the hard water. It’s ideal for reducing and removing scale and will stop further build-ups in equipment. 

The innovative resonance treatment that Reactive Water uses, breaks down the chemical bonds between minerals. Reduced-sized mineral particles dissolve more thoroughly than they would in untreated water. This means there is a significant anti-corrosion effect with the less reactive minerals. A Reactive Water system will also work to break down existing build-ups of scale in equipment and pipes. 

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