Hard Water Treatment Solutions that are Environmentally Friendly

16 June 2022

Australia’s wide range of rich landscapes has made agriculture one of its largest industries. Wine growers in particular have the choice of finding ideal conditions to grow whatever grapes they may choose to. 

Be that as it may, Australia’s climate can still cause added challenges to this industry. Many in the wine-growing business are forced to rely on hard groundwater to use in their vineyards. A rise in pH levels and minerals in the ground can be a direct result of using hard water, this can also have an impact on the quality of vines and grapes that can be grown. There can also be damage to the irrigation equipment with mineral deposits causing blockages. 

Reactive Water can offer the wine-growing industry an environmentally friendly way to solve hard water problems. Without using chemicals or damaging the surrounding environment, Reactive Water can remove scale and desalinate water. 

Using specially generated radio frequencies, Reactive Water can stop the forming of mineral bonds. With a reduction of mineral particles in the water, scale can be turned into added nutrients for the benefit of livestock and plants. Reactive Water systems can provide farmers and wine growers the opportunity to produce high-quality stock with poor quality bore water or saline water. 

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