Does Your Garden Need Help?

16 June 2022

In regards to treated water, people might often first think of drinking water. Softened water is drunk by Australians all over and can be drawn straight from a bore. This water is also often used for irrigation and other gardening purposes. 

Using bore water can be an efficient method for hydrating the plants on your property. With that in mind, groundwater can be limited, so taking full advantage of the resource is essential. Besides, quite a bit of Australia’s shallow aquifers has hard, mineral-loaded water that is not great for vegetation.

Reactive Water’s innovative technology can provide a solution to this issue.

As far as water quality, Reactive Water’s resonance technology assists with separating mineral bonds, stopping development, and making the essential minerals and vitamins in the water more bio-accessible to plants. This means they can thrive where they could have in any case failed to take in sufficient water and sustenance.

Indeed, even water that is by all accounts adequate for watering yards and gardens can frequently be improved with Reactive Water’s treatment. There will be a noticeable change in the well-being of vegetation if the water is normally hard and loaded with minerals. Withering plants liven up when they begin getting better water.

As well as assisting plants with flourishing, water conditioning treatment can add other benefits to irrigation systems. By eliminating and keeping scale from developing in equipment, for example, sprinklers, the Reactive Water technology keeps water streaming freely. This diminishes the need to fix or even replace hardware and might actually reduce money spent on maintenance.

Since Reactive Water’s technology includes no synthetic compounds and is low-energy, it’s a helpful, manageable arrangement. This kind of homegrown water treatment empowers you to get more out of your bore water.

Contact Reactive Water to discuss if our water conditioning solutions are right for you. 

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