Australia’s Scale Removal and Water Conditioning Solution 

16 June 2022

The mining business makes up an enormous percentage of the Australian economy, contributing around 15% of Australia’s GDP and providing jobs for over a million people. Mining towns and camps are situated all through the country, particularly in regional areas. These settlements often have issues getting a quality water supply and need to depend on reused or hard water for private and business uses.

Hard water (which is water high in minerals) can cause limescale and calcium build-ups on pipes, fittings, and machines. These form ups worsen consumption bringing about breakdowns in significant gear. Calcium and scale in water supply lines can make drinking water taste metallic and result in illness. Mining stations that utilize reused water frequently have to deal with sludge build-up in tanks which can cause unpleasant smells. 

Reactive Water is one of a handful of organizations in Australia giving successful, and naturally efficient mining water conditioning solutions. Reactive Water’s solutions have assisted mining towns with tackling issues related to build-ups of calcium carbonate, gypsum, and blended minerals brought about by hard or reused water.

Contact Reactive Water to discuss if our water conditioning solutions are right for you. 

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