6 Answers to Bore Water Concerns in Australia 

16 June 2022

All across Australia hard bore water is used for drinking as well as in irrigation systems for livestock, gardens, and other industrial uses. This water comes from drilling in the ground into aquifers, and catchments of underground groundwater. This water is often full of high quantities of iron particles which can cause problems like blockages and rust in equipment. This leaves many bore water supplies not fit for humans to drink. 

To combat this, many Australians require the use of water softening equipment to keep their machinery and irrigation equipment in safe working order. Reactive Water uses clean, safe resonance technology to purify bore water and reduce the concerns that can come from using it. 

Here are 6 different examples of ways Reactive Water can help solve bore water concerns: 

  1. Livestock – Livestock can be cared for with treated bore water. 
  2. Industrial – Mining companies can use Reactive Water systems to remove contaminants from groundwater. 
  3. Local Councils – Local gardens and surfer areas can be watered with treated bore water. 
  4. Pools – Treated bore water can now be used for aquatic purposes for safer and healthier fun.
  5. Viticulture – Vineyards can produce better quality wines by using Reactive Water treated bore water. 
  6. Agriculture – Reactive Water systems can stop the build of scale in irrigation systems.

Contact Reactive Water to discuss if our water conditioning solutions are right for you. 

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